5 foods that you want to remove from your diet to lose weight

These products are recommended not to use at least in the second half of the day to reduce your weight. And if you do exclude them from the diet, then you are waiting for the results are stunning: minus 10 kg for a month without harm! Teach your body to the same set of products and try to eat at the same time. Complicated about it there is nothing. All our "whim" in the form of cakes and barbecue, we keep in mind, the body does not require it!

So these 5 products is not necessary to have at least after six pm

Goat cheese

Cheese can be eaten for breakfast only. It has a lot of fat, which "share" the esophagus and stomach. Therefore, the person has a false sense of hunger. Also goat cheese rolled rapidly in the stomach and can cause bloating and slow digestion.

Dark chocolate

It has a lot of theobromine and caffeine, stimulants appetite. Therefore, having eaten a piece of chocolate with the tea, your appetite will wake up and this will lead to overweight.

Spicy sauce

Spicy food causes digestive system in tone, not allowing her to rest, if you use it in the evening. In addition, irritate the stomach, you need to calm down a fatty food or sweet.

Red wine

consumption of wine in the evening will give your body a charge of antioxidants, will not allow to relax and rest. The result: lack of sleep - stress - overeating.

Bakery products

It contains simple carbohydrates, which are processed in the body into fat, because at night the body does not need energy.

What about meat?

It turns out that not all the meat harms the figure. Of course, it is better to abandon the lamb and pork, but lean beef (not marble), a chicken breast, rabbit - permissible because They are dietary kinds of meat.

Well? We begin to struggle with excess weight today?

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