Top 10 gelatin masks for the skin with anti-aging effect

In the fight against premature aging, to improve skin and get rid of wrinkles women have to resort to expensive cosmetic products and visit beauty salons. Sometimes to rectify the situation, many beauty forced to go under the surgeon's knife! But I suggest you do not hurry up with such serious methods, and take advantage of the stunning gelatinous masks with a luxurious anti-aging effect.

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Gelatin is a natural source of collagen, it helps the skin to be elastic and smooth, and smooths wrinkles. Before you learn about a variety of masks, it is important to remember how to cook them. Between them, there is one general rule - it is important to properly prepare the gelatin.

1.Priobretayte exclusively gelatin.

2.Zalivat gelatin need only cold liquid: infusion of herbs, milk, water, etc.

3.Sootnoshenie liquid and gelatin should be: 7 to 1.

4.Zhelatin pour the liquid and leave to swell for a few hours. When the product has ceased to increase in volume - it can be used as a mask component.

5. If you just use a gelatinous mass on the face, it is first necessary to warm in a water bath, but do not boil.

6. If after use of gelatin, you have plenty left, it should be discarded, in the future it is not subject to use.

7.Prezhde than gelatin applied mask, you need to clean the face of makeup, and make a light scrub / peeling.

8.Masku applied from chin to forehead, avoiding the area around the eyes.

9.Vo time the mask must not talk, laugh, and still somehow use facial expressions within half an hour.

10.Smyvayut mask with warm water, then cool. You can take off the mask plenochkoj or clean the skin with milk.

10 masochek based on gelatin


Pour 1 tablespoon gelatin 6 tablespoons water, give weight to swell. Mash 6 grapes and enter into gelatin. Preheat the mask in a water bath and put on 30 minutes.


Pour 1 tablespoon gelatin 3 tablespoons yogurt and the same amount of milk. After swelling mass vsypte 1 tablespoon oat flour. Applying the same as in the first mask.

With lifting effect

Soak gelatin in water. A cook mashed fruit at this time. Suit: cherry, avocado, kiwi. Put all together and apply on face.

With the effect of Botox

Connect together 1 tsp aloe juice, 1 tsp peach oil, liquid from one capsule of vitamin E and A. All these add to the swollen gelatin. A mask should be done within a month 2-3 times a week.


Mix gelatinous mass with 1 tsp honey or glycerol.

To clean the pore

Mix gelatin mass to 1 m. Activated carbon. Apply the mask on the problem and remove plenochkoj to clean out pores.

For elastic skin

Gelatin must be diluted in milk, and after swelling to heat and bring egg protein. The mask can be removed plenochkoj.


Gelatin, pour the milk, and then enter 1 tbsp curd.


Gelatin is diluted in the juice and cucumber using a heated mass as a mask. Mask lighten the cover gently.


Dissolve the gelatin with water, heat after the swelling and enter the butter. This masochka suitable if you coarseness or weathered skin.

There is significant reason to buy gelatin in the store!

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