As for her hair to find out a person's character

We sometimes do not hesitate to do her hair, with which it is easier and more comfortable. But it turns out, as psychologists say, it is for the chosen hairstyle, you can learn a lot about our personality and character.

Think about how you like to walk - with her hair with a ponytail, or maybe you prefer a short haircut? And then read the description of which was given by psychologists!


This hairstyle is chosen women who love comfort and classic. And that tail simplifies their lives, they are under the power of everything, because their charm, they are able to conquer everyone. If you want to make your image more elegant, it can be killed in the tail, and then one strand of obkrutit around the gum, though hiding it. To complement your style, you can make a natural makeup and wear a sundress.

Short haircut

This haircut choose women who are very confident. So they look quite elegant, fashionable and attractive. To add to the hairstyle, you can use the styler and if to emphasize the eyes, the woman becomes a fatal beauty!

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classic beam

Suffice elegant hairstyle, which are mainly of a ballerina. Therefore, if you, too, like a bunch of classics, you literally endow themselves sophistication of a dancer. A woman prefers to wear your hair in a bun, a sufficiently balanced and graceful personality. You can wear this hairstyle and dress with jeans. To add some fun to it, you can try to form a beam 2 immediately or make one side. Complete the image of shiny accessories.

careless beam

You are very creative woman, inventive, restless inventor, resourceful. Hairstyle versatile enough, and perfectly suited to any style of clothing and in any event.

natural curls

Paradoxically, women who have curly hair by nature, they want to straighten and pryamovolosye contrast, dream of curls. If you have natural curls, then you are self-confident woman who never changes himself or his principles.

loose hair

You stick to the classic style, like to attract attention to themselves and to others like it.

Interesting Facts

  • forensic hair is often used as evidence. However, it is impossible to determine even the floor owner.
  • But what substance was human blood, hair can be defined. For example, if a person is taking drugs, his hair will be given mandatory.
  • On the body of each person "lives" about five million hair follicles.
  • There are hair follicles (almost all), when the person is still in the womb, about five months pregnant.
  • The wet hair is about 30% longer than in dry.
  • About two percent of the population has a natural bright hair color, while the rest are dark-haired.
  • Red people is quite difficult to find, such hair, only one percent of the population.
  • At the site of fallen hair will grow necessarily new, and so there is a life of about 20 times.
  • The fastest growing tissue in the human body - the bone marrow, in second place - the hair.
  • Norma loss of hair per day is between 40 and 150 pieces.
  • Hair grow better in the warmer months.
  • Each person on the head about 100,000 hairs.
  • Cropping the hair, you do not enhance their growth, but just get rid of split ends.
  • Hair - dead, their only living part of the root.
  • The lifespan of a single hair is an average of 5 years.

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