Effective exercises stretching the upper back with a towel

Towel, scarf, elastic bandage - all this can be used at home to perform stretching exercises. And it does not need special equipment for such purposes, the above items so easy to cope with a bang!

Let's look at the exercises that you can perform with a towel

The towel should be taken at the ends with both hands, just so that you can easily throw your hands behind your head without bending at the elbows. The exercise it is necessary to accurately and smoothly as possible. Provide hands free rotation, so they should be located as far away from each other. If you feel that the exercise is performed too heavy, so the hands need to push even wider. Most importantly, the limbs do not bend at the elbows.

It is important to consider the fact that stretching did not bring discomfort, only pleasure. And to carry out this very stretching can be in various phases of the body, the muscles will be stretched so much better.

Do not overreach, because you do stretching for your health and relaxation. If you do uncomfortable movements that bring the pain, we can greatly hurt yourself. Thanks to proper technique execution, you can not only stretch the muscle fibers, but also to saturate your body vitality.

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Stretching the upper body

  • In the hand, take a towel and place them behind their backs. Elbow, as mentioned previously, should be rectified. One hand you need to pull back and down at the same time, the second hand to bend 90 degrees at the elbow. Straighten any hand, gently lowering it to the second. After this dip both hands. This is a good exercise stretches the muscles of hands and back. And it is simply irreplaceable for people who are engaged in basketball, volleyball, tennis, etc.
  • Hands with a towel put behind his back with one hand must be lifted up and bent at the elbow, and the other is straight along the body. Pull the towel for 20 seconds, sensing tension in the muscles of the back.
  • Standing straight, open your legs, put them on the shoulder-width apart and grab the ends of the towel, pulling it. Hands are along the thighs. Exhale, raise your hands up, breath, get hands behind his back, without bending at the elbows. Go back and repeat several times.
  • Lie on your back, twist the towel and secure it in the legs. Lift your legs up without bending their knees. Roll onto the blades to hips off the floor. Work here and the press, and hands, and muscle-stabilizers.
  • This exercise stretches the spine perfectly. Sit on his legs, bending at the knees, feet under the buttocks. In the hands grab and pull the towel. Lower the body forward, hands touching the floor.

When performing necessarily take breaks. Take your time, do not make any sudden movements. If you feel pain or discomfort, then, either loosen the tension, or even give up its implementation.

Over time, the arms and back get used to such a load. Then you can the distance between the hands to do less. But still, no stress!

Best of all these exercises, of course, help the athletes. But in everyday life come in handy. You will be able to stretch their muscles and, therefore, can be much more mobile and endurance. Increase joint flexibility, facilitated blood flow. That the results are really impressive, exercises to be performed regularly.

If you had an injury, you should be treated with caution for the exercises.

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