As for the person to know the habits of his character

I've already talked a lot about how at a seemingly unrelated things in any way with the character of the person, you can learn about his personality. Now I want to touch on the topic of our habits that have become a daily ritual.

By the way, there are people who quite uncomfortable feel when their usual rituals violated. If you dig deeper, it can be attributed partly to the obsessive-compulsive disorder and even autism. This connection is weak, so not much worry. Let's look at our habits more.

Concentration on figures

For example, you look into the numbers on the houses, in the number of machines, phones, counts the number of calories in the dish, looking happy combination of numbers, keep a track of time. It says that you are afraid to leave their comfort zone, be able to notice the little things that may not even be noticeable to other people.

The concentration on the order

There are people who are not just cleaned daily, and fold everything into a level place, grouping them according to certain things characteristics, put the cup in the same place, and even dine at one and the same place, this apparent obsession control. Man wants to control everything that happens in his life and in the lives of others. For him, it is important to follow the system. Of course, this is, both pluses and minuses.

Concentration on time

If you, for example, the plant every day Service at the same time, and this is not a round number, and, say 6:21, and you at the same time feel very comfortable, it means that you do not want to follow the system, and do not fear to life.

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Concentration on the habits

For example, many people can not go to sleep without performing certain rituals. Now, of course, people have a common habit - before going to bed to climb in the phone, someone can not sleep until you do sip of water, etc. There is nothing wrong with that, but we can say that a person does not want to get out of your zone comfort. The main thing that habits do not become too much.

Concentrating on the signs

Bypassing the black cats, get up in the morning, dropping to a certain pace, you have a bunch of talismans, amulets and other things? Experts say that it is a certain type of thinking - religious and mystical. Around, of course, they perceive it as a problem with the head, and there are even doubts about the sanity of man. But experts say that in this there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Concentration on sensations

For many very important and always pleasant tactile contact with people, animals, plants. That is to say that it feels good. There are no deviations, simply a man somewhat different perception of the generally accepted norms, because of their individual sensitivity.

By the way, even a man's handwriting, his style of driving, walking, and taste preferences can tell a lot about him. For example, if you're small, then you are a shy person, if you bukovki very close to each other, you enjoy being in the company of people. If you are driving, keeping only one hand on the wheel, then you love to attract people's attention, but perfectionists observe all traffic rules and, of course, hold the steering wheel with both hands. Gait, confident or not it is possible to understand what kind of person in your life - or not sure, respectively. Spicy food prefer enterprising people, the salt - loving to win, acid - those seeking a quieter life.

Look to yourself, perhaps you also have some specific habits and rituals that have become a daily? Experts say that there are so many varieties of habits and they are normal, although different from all the usual generally established rules! So do not hang labels on people, not understanding in this matter!

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