Phrases that can not be spoken in the workplace

Work - this is the second house of man, because that is where we spend most of his life. Our colleagues have over the years become our family, with whom do not want to spoil relations. Here are some phrases uttered in the workplace can lead to several problems. Words have tremendous power, and correctly or not delivered on time, and the phrase can spoil relations in the team, and his career as a whole! This is what I want to talk about today.

Phrases that should not be spoken in the workplace

"It is my duty not included!"

In particular, you should not say such a phrase boss. I assure you, in your responsibility to a lot of what you do not do! Therefore, the management, hearing this from you, be sure to hasten to remind you what you should really do!

"I will try to do something"

I'll try? Seriously? You're at work, you should not try to do something and make it a must! Of course, diligence - this is very good, but your boss requires a specific result, and not trying to do it. Even if you doubt that it lived up to your expectations, keep quiet and do, and do not show their doubts.

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"I have no time to talk '

There are two options. In one case, it is possible and even necessary to say so. It is, if in the midst of the workflow, a colleague came up to you to gossip about something extraneous. But, if you are summoned to the boss, do not say that you do not have time to talk with him. Otherwise, you risk all to fly with the work.

"It can not be done"

Why do you need to show their helplessness and lack of professionalism. It happens that the situation is really some kind of desperate, then you had better offer some other solution. Let you will be a kind of madness, but always taking the initiative is commendable.

"It works for 2 minutes"

In no case do not discount their works. Someone that you can do in a few minutes, much harder given, but it does not mean that you need it all around to constantly remind. Well, do quickly, so good. And suddenly go wrong, and will not be able to quickly solve everything? Maybe only at first sight trifling matter, but if you dig, it appears all is difficult. Then you will look pathetic.

"It's not fair"

This phrase can be spoken only in kindergarten, when all were given a candy, but you do not! Head may be wrong, but do not tell him that he received unfair and unjust. If you too would like to express their opinion on the situation and come up with something reasonable, but neat arguments.

"We've always done it"

Imagine what kind of "school" in the working process, the chief asks why it happened, and you tell him: "we have always done." It sounds like "we kosyachit before so you just have not seen." Or another situation, say in the same place of work you performed their duties specified way, and at the present is different, but you continue to use the technology, which was used earlier. Boss also do not like it, every company its own approach to the process. It does not prove the contrary, do so as necessary.

"In fact…"

The phrase parasite, from which you want to get rid of. You can talk intelligent speech, but if you constantly "walk" the word-parasites in your offerings, down the drain! The meaning is lost, you seem to some blabbermouth and stupid. Formulate your question without the use of such phrases.

"You look today, so-so"

Do you want to amass a enemies among his colleagues and adversaries? Then go ahead! Go around and tell all who have bags under the eyes, one hairstyle, "I moved out" who snot flowed. It is not necessary to go into someone else's life, you never know what a person has problems in his personal life. In the end, look in the mirror at yourself, you do not always look like a cucumber.

"This is a joke!"

Think before you do something to someone speak. Blurted out nonsense, and now trying to make amends? Sometimes with friends and loved ones this trick does not pass, and then work! Few people appreciate your jokes. Much better if you are genuinely sorry, or you may dislike and colleagues and boss.

Avoid these forbidden phrases, and then you will be able to earn respect and authority in the workplace!

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