To help the workaholic: how to cope with fatigue

If you are constantly loaded with work and are under stress, you need to learn how to turn off the multitasking mode and fight fatigue.

Information space loaded with tips how to become a productively, Work longer and more rest less to make, to improve, to go on increasing and so on. Being a workaholic, in fact, it is fashionable. At the same time we increasingly see the reverse side of workaholism - burnout when fatigue culminates and productivity drops to zero.

What are the causes of burnout and exhaustion?

1. Are you in touch 24/7 and constantly perform several tasks at once. You respond to messages while bathing the child, to understand the mail before bed and immediately after waking up, take calls at any time of the day or night. You - the irreplaceable assistant, who is always connected and ready to rush into battle even at night. You are proud of your multitasking and taking it for granted that are constantly in a state of heightened stress.

2. You assume a lot, do not allow the delegation of tasks to take on more work than you can physically get done. You work constantly without exaggeration, but think what you are doing is not enough.

3. You work several jobs to support themselves and their families and have no opportunity to change this situation.

4. You loaded up really a lot of work and responsibilities, you can not plan your own schedule and workload, do not control the number of tasks that are required to perform.

How can we change the situation, to avoid fatigue?

1. The most obvious way to deal with inadequate load - to change jobs.

If you have a boss that you are overloaded tasks and responsibilities, you should first enter the direct conversation about it, explain that you have to take on too much, respectively, the work covers the whole of your life - and you have it no more arranges.

If the boss does not compromise on - is to look for a new job, an adequate load and salary.

2. If you are your own boss - learn to delegate.

People who open their own businesses have difficulty with the fact that the transfer of the responsibility to someone else. Someone does not want to do it from the economy, some just do not trust the conduct of their affairs to strangers.

It must be remembered that without delegating and salaried employees can not be business development. That ye be not deceived, and everything was going according to plan, monitor key business processes have on a daily basis, but routine work, which takes a lot of time, you need to delegate.

3. Replace the three menial jobs on the one paying.

If you work more than one job at the same time - it is impossible to avoid fatigue. However, we must strive to replace a number of works by one, which will cover your financial needs. This process may be delayed, so the search for suitable options you need as soon as you realize that one of the current work is indispensable.

4. Use the correct business hours.

Distribute the load so as to deal primarily with the priorities, not sprayed on the secondary. Compose the evening task lists, which are primarily to be performed the next day. Do not waste your time working on the social network and unnecessary talk / kofepitiya / smoke breaks that do not have to finish the business after hours. Strive to do more per unit of time.

5. Do not take at right to rest.

You can refuse to leave and think that you can not afford to relax. But very quickly the body will prevail - and fatigue will be felt pains in the head and back, neuroses, depressions, lack of interest in life and work. If you can not go into a long vacation - take a break two or three times a year for a short time.

Try to clearly define the boundaries of their working time. The rest - turn off your phone and disable workers currently engaged in the affairs.

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