How to find a job that will become your favorite?

Almost everyone dreams of that for life to engage in their favorite thing and that the work was enjoyable, not a state daily "torture"

But, of course, everyone understands that it is necessary to find his calling. But if in doubt, and there is little you believe that it really exists? What to do?

Often we try to work in various organizations, jumping from company to company, from one project to another, searching for the perfect, which really is our vocation.

But sometimes it's not easy, in the end, the tires, but even more confusing than before entering into a state of confusion and depression.

Perhaps, one should not look his calling, and should be easy to find yourself? For many experts are inclined to this view.

If you feel that you have not found your true calling in life - this is good news for you, because it means that you can "solve" does not look for him with such zeal as earlier. Of course, this does not mean that we should abandon altogether different aspirations and plans for the future or to reduce their aspirations in their careers.

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It is hardly possible to spontaneously find his vocation, if a certain time do not succeed. But here are some actions to "approximation" calling to you, do all you can.

  • It is necessary to let go of the idea, which states that every human life has a true vocation.

Yes indeed. There are people who have already almost from birth know what they want to do in your life, so all his strength and energy to direct it in that direction.

But just as many are lost and that suits them the most. But a vocation, in fact, is not a term such as "all" or "nothing." The thing is that calling in each period of time can be felt in different ways. And it can really be different. Therefore, you should not set such questions as: "What is my true calling in life?".

Better in the various stages of his life to ask yourself: "What I like about it is in this period of time?" And listen to what your feelings lead.

  • Work out more often those actions that really bring you pleasure and bring joy

Joy - this is one of the most powerful emotions that can lead to various human insights. Whatever action you did not bring a sense of joy, perform it as often as possible. Look for a variety of opportunities to develop a sense of joy and at work and at home, and just in all his life.

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  • Follow your emotions

Pay attention to what situation you upset? What brings you out of balance? It was at the time of manifestation of emotions think about what you want to change. Thus, the calling and can "meet" somewhere on the way.

  • Always be open to something new
Calling is quite a fun thing. We often find in his search, because we, like, how urgent need to find meaning and certainty in life.

We need to know why we have come into this world. And that's why sometimes we start to go through a certain way, just to get rid of the obsessive feelings - uncertainty. But, as we know, none of vocation does not occur in our lives with a ready and fully formed script or with precise action plan and timetable for their implementation.

Vocations can come to us in the form of any hints, signs, predetermine our ability.

When the opportunity arises, do not rush immediately to act. Sometimes it is better to remain open to the flow of information.

And your vocation can manifest itself far in his career, and your hobbies and interests, which do not interfere with turning them into their favorite work.

In the end, the work - it is just one part of your life, and it in no way makes you a loser.

Seek and create, first of all, himself, and not his calling!

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