10 things you need to make the young so as not to regret in old age

Youth - is a time of fun, positive and drive. It seems that a whole life ahead, so you can postpone it.

No need to set aside for later life, convinced psychologists. And it is important to do as a young man of 10 things not to feel sorry for them in old age.

What you need to do as a young man? / istockphoto.com

Learn a foreign language

As a young brain is more plastic, and it is easier to remember information. Therefore it is better to learn foreign languages ​​right now. Then you only need to maintain this skill.

Stop worrying about other people's opinions

We often get frustrated because of the fact that someone did not approve of our actions. But this is our life. If we do not break the rules, do not disturb others, what's the difference, what they think about us? In the end, you are not a dollar and you can not please everybody.

Experimenting with looks

While you are young to experiment with the appearance looks very natural. You want pink hair? Perfectly! Wear bright skirt over trousers? Why not? It would not be the ideal time for such experiments.

Find yourself

Before, people knew their scheme life: school, college, work in the specialty, the pension. Now the young people want to try different specialties to find yourself. Try and look, you will not have another life.

find friends

People who have been with you poverty, joy, see your growth and success will be more valuable than those you learn with some achievements and status.

What you need to do as a young man? / istockphoto.com

Like his appearance

You may not like your nose, chest, legs, lips. While you complain about your appearance, your youth passes. I appreciate their beauty.

learn to give

You do not like something, but uncomfortable to say "no"? You want to be considered well-mannered and kind person, but it turns out it can be used by others. Learn to say "no" out of love for yourself. You do not have to live for the good of others to the detriment of themselves.

let go of the past

The past may encumber us. Stuck in it, we do not learn to live here and now. Much attention is given to the present and appreciate every moment.

overlook an offense

offense accumulation destroys our lives. Learn to let go and forgive the pain and hurt.

Adopt healthy habits

In his youth, most people acquire bad habits. But if you want to have good health after 10 years, love sports, proper diet and meditation.

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