Yoga from scratch weight loss at home

The stresses of the world and permanent neurosis is so little time left to rest.

And most importantly - relax. Increasingly, people are beginning to practice the spiritual exercises. And more often - yoga in elite centers. However, yoga can be learned in the home. And even the one that will help you lose a few extra kg.

Study Time

If the question has arisen in front of you "to begin classes at home", it is necessary to determine the time of employment. In the evening classes relieve stress after work and help as much as possible to relax and be filled for the remainder of the day with energy. Morning sessions most productive. They help during the day to be as balanced and active. Yoga at home from scratch requires a proper allocation of time for class. First you need to look through your busy day. If you scored a graph, it is better to choose 3-4 days a week for lessons. The ideal option would be the allocation of 1 hour per day on yoga for weight loss at home.

Place for home occupations

Create favorable conditions for employment. Choose a quiet, comfortable place in the house where you will not be able to disturb during class. In the summer, you can practice yoga on the street or in the park.

Meals before and after exercise

Abstain from the consumption of food before going for 3:00. If you are just a beginner in yoga, to eat 2 hours before the start of the practice.

The basic rules of yoga at home

  • Do not pursue an ideal - a practice as far as possible.
  • Avoid sudden movements. Yoga - a smooth kind of practice.
  • Control your breathing: it must be smooth and through the nose.
  • Spend every day at least 10 minutes to work and you will notice results.


Yoga at home is not available to everyone. Lessons should be avoided in the case of:

  • Psychological disorders (tendency to psychoses, schizophrenia);
  • Inguinal hernias;
  • High blood pressure and intracranial;
  • Severe traumatic brain injury;
  • Severe blood diseases;
  • Recent stroke;
  • Pregnancy of 3 months or more;
  • Displacement of the vertebrae and other back problems;
  • During menstruation.


  • It is not necessary to wear to the gym for a workout
  • What should be the child's power under heavy loads