What manicure choose? Tips for all occasions

When choosing a fashionable ideas women always strive for harmony. Outfit, which should be combined with the shoes, hair, accessories and nail polish, is selected for each standard case separately. Dating, work, vacation, holiday - every situation imposes requirements on style and fashion. The slightest mistake, and the finished image will be ugly, dull and even vulgar. How to avoid mistakes in the details? Which to choose a manicure for each individual case?

Manicure for a meeting, office, holiday

The most important thing that should be remembered every woman: there is no universal nail design. Calm strict manicure office will look ridiculous in a disco, and a festive wedding nail-art is not suitable for recreation. Therefore, I want it to or not, it is necessary to understand how to choose a manicure for each individual case!

  • For work. Type of nail art defines the scope of activities of fashionable women. If the creative designer can afford accrued nails or molding patterns, The manager of the office is simply obliged to comply with the dress code. Standard business manicure must be neat, restrained, made on the nails short or medium length. The desired color - neutral. Decor -
    jacket or a small painting.
  • For a party. Any holiday means brightness, so the requirements for nail decor here is minimal. What manicure choose? The one that will suit the color of the dress! Decor - virtually any. But it is necessary to understand that the nail design should also follow the format of the festival: the disco - brighter on corporate - quieter.
  • For celebration. There is a separate kind of holidays, manicure which is selected based on specific requirements. For example, a wedding. Analyzing what manicure opt for these cases, it is important to be guided by the generally accepted norms and standards of fashion.
  • For relax. Vacation, hiking, suburban trains - no matter what kind of a holiday in question, since in any case the requirements are identical to manicure. Nail art should be as neutral as possible, even colorless. In some cases, you can do just hygienic manicure. The reason for this choice - on vacation usually do not have time for a special nail care.
  • To date. Which to choose a manicure for a romantic encounter? Gentle or passionate! To fit the first coating pink scale shades, for the second - red or coral.

The choice of a manicure on the situation - only the first step towards a fashionable image. We need to take into account and such time as the selection of nail polish under the skin type.

Which to choose a manicure blondes? And brunettes?

Unfortunately, poorly matched varnish can easily destroy even the most perfect nail art. Therefore it is very important to understand the compatibility of skin tone and color you liked the cover. You need to remember the following:

  • with tanned skin look great "sophisticated" color - coral, peach, turquoise, purple, bronze; should avoid dark colors - black, purple, burgundy;
  • with fair skin combines different colors - shades of red and pink, blue.

Yellow is the conflict. By selecting it, should use caution to all women, otherwise you can get your nails very sickly.

When deciding how to choose a manicure, you need to start, of course, the global! With care. Because any design will look sloppy at the ugly misshapen nails. Fortunately, here in women just a huge choice - hardware, trimming, edging, Japanese or Brazilian manicure. Each of them is suitable for nail care and will be the first step on the path to perfection.

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