How to choose a nail file?

The range of nail accessories is very broad. What you need for a home manicure, and that the salon - to deal with the course is not easy, so the question is: how to choose a nail file often becomes one of the most important. As for beginners and for experienced girls in manicure!

Types of nail files

Tools for manicure's Skin It can be classified into several groups. All nail files are distinguished by:

  • materials;
  • form;
  • abrasiveness.

Among the materials that are most commonly used today in the production of nail files, appear:

  • metal;
  • ceramics;
  • glass;
  • paper.

Separately isolated nail file with laser deposition, which is ready to replace all existing types. But in the future. In the meantime, the popularity rating of the known instruments is as follows:

  • Metal nail file - familiar to many option, is far from gentle effect on the fragile structure of the nail.
  • Glass - inconvenient because of considerable thickness, but copes with all kinds of adjustments nails.
  • Ceramic - refers to "healing" tool and is especially recommended for nails that are prone to delamination.
  • Paper - ideal for polishing plate or nail care especially thin nails.

The second selection criterion - form. Manicure nail files are available today in a variety of solutions: from the classic version of the flat to brusochkov all types and sizes. Which one is better is hard to say, since it is a matter of individual preference.

Abrasiveness - the main factor assessment nail files nail, since it is responsible for the extent to which work quickly and efficiently will be the shape and size of the nail. The stiffness of nail files is expressed in grit, and the more grit specified on the instrument, so it is softer and more gentle impact on nails.

Depending on grit nail file, cooling towers as intended:

  • 110-180 grit - for extensions or natural nails are very hard;
  • 200-290 grit - nail in the normal healthy state;
  • 300-390 grit - for natural weakened or thin nails as well as for removing pavements a nail plate;
  • 400 - polishing;
  • 1000 - to give your nails shine.

How to choose a nail file?

Knowledge of the range of nail files nail greatly simplifies the selection process, but sometimes there are still questions. In order to facilitate an easy task, you can use the guidance of professional artists:

  • Takeout possible from nail files made of metal in favor of other materials. It is difficult to make owners of short nails, but they can find a decent alternative.
  • Try laser nail file. It is designed to detail structure resembling a honeycomb is very small, and durable diamond deposition have a gentle impact on the nails, the combined treatment with high quality and care.
  • Alternate nail files, to achieve the best results. Pottery help restore the structure of the layered nail plate, nail file gently polish the paper, and glass will give a neat shape.
  • Do not forget about the earmarking of different nail files and guided in choosing the said instrument on Grita.

Infallible advice! Choose a nail file is the easiest way, if you buy a few different options. Then in practice turn out to explore all the features of manicure tools and understanding for what functions each designed nail file.

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