Manicure with pink nail - the tenderness and beauty, accessible to all

Women's hands - is the focus of well-groomed and feminine, as this is the body part most often it appears in sight at any time of the year. That's why every girl spends quite a lot of time to create a unique, trendy and original design of nails.

At this point in the field of nail art There are many different ways to decorate your nails. Recently, the most popular shades are pastel colors, but you can diversify your image using a bright, intense and always feminine pink tones.

Why you should pay your attention on pink?

For many decades, this color scheme is considered a feminine - and this statement is not entirely wrong. Indeed, many of the fair sex in love with the tenderness and beauty of the pink color.

In addition, it should be noted the full versatility of tone - it is perfect and romantic, and to the business, and even the festive style. Pink choose for themselves avid fashionista, strict business woman, socialites and cute, yet innocent schoolgirl. Color is suitable to absolutely any image - hair, makeup and outfit.

And another advantage can be considered a natural - natural nail often has a light pink hue.

How to choose the right color

Pink has a huge number of colors that are distinguished by their saturation, brightness and closeness to other tones of the color palette. In addition, many lakes are different in texture, which also impact on the final type of manicure. What to choose: a glowing neon, strict gloss or matt gentle? Among the huge selection very difficult to navigate, and so we offer you some actionable recommendations for choosing your ideal pink.

- To give a freshness too pale, fair skin should choose warmer colors.

- For flatness manicure on fragile or too thin nails need to apply a transparent substrate or a light beige coat. And just to put on top of your favorite pink color.

- If the nails have bumps on its surface, the pearl of the coating should be abandoned - it does not emphasize the advantages. On the contrary, it will be visible all the flaws of marigold.

The combination of pink and white

To make a bright pink shade more gentle you can use the classic combination of white and pink. Of course, immediately comes to mind French manicureWhich has become familiar to many modern women. But today, nail art allows to diversify the classic using a combination of French and moon design on one nail or cause a lace pattern on top of a pink base.

In addition to such solutions can be diluted with pink using a white lacquer on a single nail - especially beautiful in design will look on the ring or middle finger. Also, you can apply on top of the white shiny texture as glitter or sequins. Do not forget about the possibility of using a paste.

Pink and black

This combination has long won the people's love and not only for the creation of nail design - pink and clothing is perfectly combined with the dark and saturated color throughout the palette of colors.

An interesting option, particularly suitable for parties will manicure tiger coloring - black stripes on a pink looks bright and original.

Also, black lacquer can be used to create a variety of patterns and designs - open wings Butterfly or close lace perfectly complement the pink base.

Thus be able to decorate and transform anyone, even an everyday manicure - with pink can be constantly experimenting, and have an excellent, original and stylish result.

Manicure in gold and pink colors

When using in combination with pink gold just remember the luxury of balls of the eighteenth century - this design will look equally beautiful and romantic image for girls, and a strict business lady.

Important: Keep in mind that this is still a combination of colors for a manicure is not suitable for everyday wear. Its better to reserve for a special, festive occasion or for an important date in the entertainment district.

Regarding the choice of design - give preference lunar manicure or feng shui.

Return to youth

With the help of pink color, you can create unique designs, brings us into adolescence and even childhood. Such a decoration on the nails will look very nice and original.

When you select this nail art pink nails can be decorated with teddy bears, balloons, famous heroes of cartoons and so on. Recently, many people prefer to depict the nicest Pokemon or cat Hello Kitty.

Make a choice from a wide variety of pink shades quite difficult, so you can keep changing the design and try out new ideas. Allow yourself the flexibility and variety of simultaneous using of pink nail polish and enjoy the result.

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