As the New Year around the world

Celebrate the New Year well in cold weather: drinking champagne under the chime, you can plunge into the snow sweaty head. And fireworks and firecrackers of all kinds sound and shine all over Russia. New Year in different countries around the world comes in many ways, because if there is no snow, you have to adjust the holiday.

New Year around the world

It would seem that in tropical countries is inappropriate dressed Christmas tree. Local not familiar with a snowman and other attributes, but the holiday comes at the equator and south of it. We explain how to celebrate the New Year in different countries, where there is no snow:

• Santa Claus Australians kept red hat and beard, but instead coats his suit for swimming and tobogganing harness replaces trim surf. Night feast in Australia are not popular: after midnight noisy companies are launching fireworks, and many go to bed in the morning;

• From the Argentine offices on December 31 throw right through the window calendars;

• According to the Italian streets on the night of 1st you should not walk out of the windows are flying unnecessary things, sometimes heavy;

• Colombians hidden firecrackers and crackers in dolls, symbolizing the passing year. Until midnight they carry them through the streets, reading comic spells. At midnight, you need to have time to throw away stuffed. Charges begin to explode in the first minutes of the year;

• Residents of Ecuador in advance sew dolls and burn them at midnight at the central square;

• But the Cubans should have time to get water to all available capacity, and at midnight all the collected water to pour out of the window - float away the old year and the new come. overnight residue passes in unrestrained fun.

As the New Year in different countries, it depends on the national customs and religious beliefs. In India, the most important is the lack of negative emotions and actions.

How to celebrate the New Year in different countries of the world - the mass of tradition, their number compared with the number of nationalities that inhabit our planet.