Signs that a woman is secretly in love with a man

There are several signs by which one can determine that a woman wants to get yourself some man. They are not quite clear and untrained man will not understand what a woman wants.

It happens that a man and a woman for years to feel sympathy for each other, but because of the difference in the perception and expression of sympathy, they do not notice each other.

In order not to lose time in vain, of course, easier to ask directly: do you like me? Or to say, straight in the face: I like you.

But who is looking for the easy way out? And it's not always appropriate and possible. That people play for years in daylight, so languid sighs behind, afraid to admit to each other's feelings.

And so, how do you understand what a woman wants you something more than to chat and make friends?

1. Being in the same company, you notice that the woman always sits with his face and body is to you and often looks at you.

When you catch her eye, she deftly turns away and pretend that you are not interested in it.

It is said that she would like you to pay attention to her, but she is afraid of your reaction and your refusal. Probably she thinks she's not interested in you.

2. She pointedly and often passes by you in the immediate vicinity, and as if by chance you hurt the shoulder, the arm, the thigh.

The gait is at the time when it passes by in her slow and smooth, not hasty. She seemed to give you an opportunity to enjoy it.

If at this moment you pay attention to it, she will be very happy. And if you manage to make a compliment, then her happiness is not the limit.

However, the fact is that women can not men be straight, they talk and act "hints".

3. She often corrects hair and bends his back, wrists and pulls jewelry on the hands, ears, neck.

She seemed to play with them, but in fact she is flirting with you and shows you her beautiful body parts, which are available to the eyes of others.

Such gestures and behavior takes place unconsciously, and sometimes a woman does not even notice that does so. But it clearly shows that it strongly wants to attract the attention of those who are to it in close proximity.

4. She laughs out loud at your jokes and genuine interest in listening to you and keep up the conversation.

And it is obvious that she is really interested in your stories.

Let me tell you a secret. It so happens that the woman you like to listen to you just because she likes your voice, and the like is next. She also listens to you, to make you feel.
Interest to you she is really sincere. But your stories are usually not very much.

5. During the call, she tries to touch you in every possible way, to take a hand, pat on the shoulder or gently hugged.

Desire tactile contact is connected with the sympathy of one person to another. And if a woman strive for this contact with you, you know - she was tired to hint she was not hinting.

6. She often looks into your eyes and smiles. Sincerely.

This is not the only indication that you are very interested woman. But they are the most obvious and guaranteed to mean sympathy.

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