7 signs that you have in your family were nobles

All people want to know what happened in the past. This curiosity stretches for hundreds of years, and each generation of deeper and deeper into the past.

There are several signs indicate your noble roots. They are listed below.

Pale, almost translucent skin

Pale skin has always been considered a sign of "rock" and the nobility. Many girls specifically lightens the skin and use bleaching creams.

Pale faces look particularly stately and serious. From these blows cold and tranquility typical of the people of noble blood.

Long thin fingers

And thin wrists are a sign that you have in your family were musicians and people of creative professions.

100 years ago, not everyone could afford to engage in creative, someone had to work hard to earn a living. Music and drawing a lot of money does not earn.

straight posture

In addition to straight back is a sign of confidence, it is also a sign of health and strength.

If you keep your back straight, you automatically become more respected in the eyes of others as you radiate a certain superiority and gives the impression that you are looking at everything from above and determination. This is felt by others.

little foot

And in general, miniaturization is also a sign of noble roots. After all, such people build a priori can not engage in heavy physical labor, and in order to survive hundreds of years they have adapted and learned to perform more intellectual work.

They have evolved in creativity and realize their talents in different areas.

Chatty and pleasant tone of voice

Lots of chatter, usually people are cunning and resourceful. It is their way to seek his. There are people who are making the heights of strength and endurance, and there are those who use intelligence.

It is also a sign of the breed is a pleasant tone of voice. Velvety and such that I want to listen to him. He seemed envelops the listener and creates trust.

Sense of style

This concerns not only the ability to dress and look stylish even in the most ordinary clothes. This ability to reconcile the irreconcilable, combine those articles of clothing or the interior, which at first glance seem to not match.

Such people are usually even without a lot of money and opportunities look very neat and beautiful. With them a pleasure to talk and deal.

Ability to lead and delegate

If you can easily transfer their responsibilities to other people to listen to you. If you are not difficult to make a list of tasks colleague and trust him with affairs, in your blood definitely flows noble blood and talent manager confirmation.

Of course, all that is described above is just a statistics, guesswork. In reality, to know their roots, you can contact the service that has been creating a family tree.

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