Stylish and simple: all about knit tunic for winter 2020

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As you remember, in a previous article I told you a fashionable and popular female hairstyle that is perfect for most women with different face shapes and hair types. It is available on clickingon this link.

And today, I will tell you about the fashionable and practical things from a woman's wardrobe, which is winter in 2020 is rapidly gaining popularity.

It argued that warm clothing is cumbersome and does not always create an elegant image. This does not include knitted tunic that successfully cope with this task.

Knitted tunic - is a wonderful thing, which has a number of advantages. Among them - the convenience and practicality, a variety of styles, allowing tunic will create any image, excellent compatibility with pants.

Of course, the classic model here is not suitable, but the leggings or jeans are a perfect complement. Another trendy option - to buy a warm tunic with short sleeves and wear it over a turtleneck or shirt to look feminine and stylish.

Tunics are a variety of models - among them can be found and asymmetric options that would allow fancy cut the bottom (for example, the front it may be shorter than the back, and vice versa), and emphasize the shape and direct. The latter, due to its simplicity and versatility, at the peak of popularity more than one season.

As for colors, they are a huge number makes it possible to easily find something to your taste, but the stylists are advised to adhere to certain rules.

Firstly, a base tunic winter is better to choose dark colors - black, blue, gray, though allowed, and more vibrant colors, such as burgundy and muted red.

Secondly, things with a pattern, it is desirable to acquire with an eye on the age. For young women there are no restrictions, and they can afford to variants and with a delicate pattern, and with a bright eye-catching ornaments. Older ladies are well suited plain tunic and dark things will be good at full figure blond - on the slim.

Single-colored tunic, including knitted, ideally combined with accessories. The emphasis on the waist with the help of the original belt, neck handkerchief with unusual colors, massive jewelry - all this can add to the image of bright and stylish finishing touches.

Knitted tunic is worthy to occupy an honored place in the wardrobe. It is only necessary to choose a thing like!

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