Trendy hairstyles in 2020. Front - shorter rear - Length

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As you remember, in a previous article I told you a fashionable and stylish haircuts that that make adult females slender, graceful and attractive. You can read them by clickingon this link.

And today, I will tell you about the fashionable and beautiful hairstyles that are incredibly easy to implement and does not require special care.

Trend Cut it does not necessarily have to be difficult, so the stylists are advised to pay attention to the options, which are based on the transition from short to long curls.

This method refreshes hair without overloading it, which is particularly likely to appeal to women who want to look simple and natural.


Layering and multi-layered hair are still at the peak of popularity, so the ladies can also add them to cut a piece safely.

Front locks need be shortened in the region of their shoulders, you can make the average, and then you can leave the maximum long locks. This technique not only refresh and relieve the image, but also add volume to thin hair and helps to distract attention from the imperfections of the face.

In addition, the holders of such hairstyles can experiment with different staining techniques to emphasize the layering and make their appearance even brighter.


Habitual quads will be very interesting to watch in the "upside-down" version, in which the shortest strands drawn in front, behind the locks are considerably longer. The rest of the main features of a hairstyle - straight sections and clear form - are saved.

If desired, a penalty can be supplemented with a bang by its design taste. This hairstyle will add the image of femininity and confidence will make hair more volume and help correct shape of the face, bringing it closer to the ideal form and hide the existing shortcomings.

Fox's tail

This simple at first glance haircut has a feature by which hair will look unusual and spectacular. The thing is that the strands are shortened by an oblique line, starting from the face.

As a result, the back hair resembles an inverted triangle, the top of which make up the maximum length of the hair.

Foxtail can be easily converted into another hairstyle, for example, in a stylish ponytail or romantic curls, good hair is the length it allows. But it should be noted that such a cut is preferable to do on thick and strong hair, but their shape can be different - and straight and curly.

Haircuts, providing a different length of hair, look fresh and original. We just need to choose a hairstyle for the soul, and the excellent result is guaranteed!

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