Leading "Inspector" married!

Today, October 4, celebrating the wedding of the leading project of the new channel "Inspector X" Yulia Pankova.

Yulia Pankova He told us that the feast invited close relatives and friends. After all, she has always dreamed of a small, emotional and chamber wedding!

- Today we are the most family - said the leader. - Those who have accompanied us since childhood.

She admitted that she really dreamed of a wedding celebration in the rustic restaurant, somewhere in the woods. Visiting several establishments near Kiev, abandoned the idea.

- I thought that the city, in a cozy restaurant, we will be more comfortable, - says Yulia. - Choose a facility, which is now functioning as a restaurant, and soon will open a hotel here.

The leading New Channel said that the main dish is a feast of veal "Wellington".

- This is a dish I really love to cook - Julia says. - Also he loves my father. And serves delicacies from fish, chicken and pork. Will be a lot of snacks, I carefully picked. And, of course, the cake!

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Not to worry about all the processes of the organization of the holiday, the couple took advantage of the services of a coordinator.

- Infinitely grateful girl who helped organize all the preparatory stages of our marriage - Julia says. - After all the preparations we had all week. And we're not worried. Because they realized that the organization was entrusted to professionals. We have a great videographers, photographers, florists and leading with humor!

The name of her husband leading until he calls. However, to avoid gossip or attributed relationships with broadcasters colleagues Yulia Pankova said her favorite is engaged in business in the field of high technology.

The premiere of the new season of "The Inspector General X" on the New Channel - 7 October at 19:00

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