How to survive the separation from loved and be happy: 8 gold tips

Sometimes in life it happens that we have to part with a favorite person against their will. And no matter how painful, bitter and hurt, you need to move on. How have gone through much suffering parting with the "former" and not go mad?

It is important to always be aware of self-esteem and do not lose themselves, despite the fact that "life has lost all meaning." The more you suffer, the longer you put off a chance for a happy and carefree life new love. Time will pass, and you will remember with a smile, lived experience. But how to cope in the moment, when the world collapsed?


Delete his number from your contacts. This is the first condition, which will save you from rash acts. Remove it contacts and e-mail addresses from all their gadgets and, preferably, from memory. And do not try to call, it should be taboo, no matter what state you are.

Do not follow them on social networks. Lock and remove it from friends in social networks. Why would you want to see where he was and with whom it will cause you nothing but pain and suffering. By the way, in social networks, you can not see the true face of man, but only what he wants to show you. Perhaps he deliberately wanted to hurt you, exposing happy photos with his new girlfriend.

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Do not talk about it. Of course, you need a good cry on the shoulder and tell her best friend, which he was a goat, but no more. Do not tighten this drama, constantly mindful of it and reopen old wounds.


Not interested friends.Do not ask friends about how he is and who he is. It is unlikely that you will hear about the fact that he suffers from a week does not go out of the house. Just accept the fact that it is not in your life, and the less of it will mention, the sooner you will cope with their pain and emotions.

Forget his address. You do not think about how to wait for him at the door to see who he goes out and walks or walking around, "accidentally found"? Do not fall so low, then you will not forgive yourself.

Find something to do. Plunge headlong into work or study, permanent employment will not allow all the time to think about it and again to replay the situation. Find a new hobby, maybe you've always wanted to learn to play tennis or to paint with oil - it's time to try. Try the evenings and on weekends to be alone, to meet friends, spend time with their parents, distracted!


Keep a journal. To speak out and to throw out his pain - start writing a diary. Write down their experiences and feelings - a very useful therapeutic practice, which will allow you to deal with this situation quickly. Our brain stores more often good than bad, so bad you need to record, to remind yourself that your ex is far from perfect.

Close that door. When the thoughts return to the former, imagine a big red door with all his strength and slam it. And then think about the pleasant, that gives you pleasure and positive emotions. You are able to control their emotions and memories, use it to quickly to survive the separation. You are sure to handle!

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