Is it possible to fall in love with her husband for the second time: meet psychologists

Initially, relations partners much in love with each other. Then love is declining. Partners may disagree or live together. Often, they ask themselves the question: Is it possible to return the feelings, if they went out?

When you fell in love with her husband, he was a hero for you, in his eyes you saw the cosmos. Now, "your love coach turned into a pumpkin" and "Prince" began to scatter socks around the apartment. Is it possible to fall in love with her husband again, and how to do it?

Is it possible to fall in love with her husband for the second time? /

What's left in place of love?

To understand whether there is hope for your relationship, you need to answer honestly: what feelings have replaced love? If this is calm and indifference, to return the love will be easier. If this is hate, then it will be harder to do.

The second question is whether you have the strength to return to the senses? Disperse much easier than to return the love. Are you ready to spend the forces at work on the relationship? If your answer is yes, then you can try to regain feeling.

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How to return the love?

Remember what you liked husband and write 50 points on the leaf. Now think if these qualities were your husband, or you just stopped seeing them.

Emphasize the virtues of her husband. Shortcomings noticed easier than dignity. Pay more attention to the good qualities of the spouse.

Check it out in unfamiliar surroundings. You used to vacation with her husband in Egypt? Then go with him hiking in the mountains. We used to traveling active? It is time for a lazy holiday. In unfamiliar surroundings spouse can reveal otherwise.

Stay together. When in a family there are children, spouses forget that in the first place - they are lovers. They cease to hold each other romantic evenings. Periodically leave children at her grandmother or nanny and just be together.

Speak from the heart. Talk about what you care about, share experiences and feelings. So you will strengthen the emotional connection.

Return the love you can, but the content of it will be different - more meaningful and profound. The main thing to be ready to change and to get remarkable patience.

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