5 original and economical ideas for repair: take note!

Before you - 5 thrifty ideas home decoration, you are sure will please. And why are we previously did not think about!

Maximum natural light

Practical and economical Europeans to the maximum use of natural light. There is even a rather caustic joke that it was stinginess - the reason that Europe decided to go to bed early and wake up early because of the light of day do not need to pay!

Maximum natural light / istockphoto.com

vertical radiators

This type of heating apartments will not meet, and yet, these radiators look like an element of decor. Incidentally, such an option you will like the fact that you can heat a large surface area.
To add flavor - can be painted with such batteries in the appropriate color for your room.

Vertical radiators / istockphoto.com

The switch for the outlet

Not to pull out all the electrical plugs from the sockets before departure, you can simply turn off the outlet. One has only to click on the switch button, and the current in the socket is no longer supplied. Even if the child is to poke it with something long, nothing will happen.

The switch for the outlet / istockphoto.com

homemade crafts

Your artistic photo, Embroidered paintings, children's drawings, handmade candles are much steeper than the purchase decor! If you have gifts, made by hands of your friends and family, so why not enter the interior of the house ?!

Homemade crafts / istockphoto.com

Shelves in the wall

In order not to upset the fact that the furniture in the bathroom is not very long, and after 1.5-2 years shelves begin swell, break down the seam, covered streaks due to high humidity, it is necessary to think in advance before this time repair. How do you like the idea of ​​a capital meberi slabs and tiles? It looks very stylish, but also they can be easily washed.

Shelves in the wall / istockphoto.com

You will find interesting how inexpensive to make repairs in the apartment