Posts men who talk about the imminent break

Correspondence through social networks and instant messenger is an essential part of modern relationships. Peering from the posts of your man, you will be able to analyze his intentions.

"I have many demands on my time"

Bad sign! Each of us knows that some look excuseAnd other features.

If a woman needs a man, he is sure to find her time. And even in the moments of involving all hands full working partner, if he is not indifferent to the beloved, will not write her similar messages.

"You're really good"

Such compliments must guard, too often they are followed by the phrase "no offense" and "I do not deserve you."

Posts men who talk about the imminent break /

Not all men are able to just say that the relationship is over, some start from afar. Such a compliment psychologists advise accept an apology, and for what exactly - and you have to figure out.

"OK understood"

Man is responsible because when you do not want or is not able to continue to communicate.

Such dry without additional answers
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issues leave an unpleasant aftertaste, because to write anything after this is not desirable.

"We have to somehow meet"

Significant food for thought, especially if these messages you get from men, which are not on the flirting stage, and already in a relationship.

Posts men who talk about the imminent break /

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