How to choose a mate: 9 signs of a correct choice

To create a pair of sufficient mutual love or even sympathy. But if you want to create a union for life, then select your other half need to thoughtfully.

That your family is not replenished Statistics divorceIn choosing a partner should be guided not only by emotions and passion, but also rationality. According to psychologists, to create a happy family a potential husband should possess the following qualities.

It is independent from their parents

Both financially and psychologically. If you create a new family with him, then it is imperative that you live alone and my husband was not under the constant influence of parental opinion. Otherwise, all the decisions you will have to negotiate not with him, but with his mother. A marriage is something you do not come out of her.

It does not have alcohol and drug addiction

Do not even think that you will become for him a ray of light to which he will go and cure. Do not turn on the pity and the regime "Mother Teresa". If you want to save it - save, but married for that you do not need to go. Because not everyone can be saved from addictions, and the presence in the house of a drug addict or alcoholic is dangerous for your life and for your children if you have them be.
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You have the same views with him on the birth of children

This is an important issue which must be negotiated "on the bank", that is, before the official marriage. If a man says he does not want to have children, you do not need to entertain the hope that, maybe he changed his mind, or are you become pregnant, and then his opinion will change. In the best case, you will lose a few years of his life before to make sure that children your husband really wants. At worst - you'll be a single mother.

He is able to serve themselves at home

Do not choose for themselves the fate of the maid - do not start in the house of an adult man, who will become one child, for which you need to clean, wash and serve in every way without any help from his side. If he can not bring the dirty dishes to the sink, run the washing machine, to restore basic order, and even more so if believes that all this unworthy occupation for men and women's place - in the kitchen, you and your self-esteem with a man not path.

It monitors the health and appearance

Women tend to think that they can take just any man and to modify it as they want. But in adults it does not happen. Your man has already formed the way it is. If he does not recognize the evidence-based medicine, homeopathy is treated, does not attend any sort of doctors even in case of need, not personal hygiene - then just leave it exactly where met, do not attempt to alter, much less marry him married.

He believes that male infidelity - this is normal

And periodically repeats it in your face. Needless to say that you are just preparing for the future changed? If you do not priverzhenka open relationship, it is better not to get involved with such a man. Suddenly, still bring to the house of some kind of infection.

He appreciates you

If next to a man you feel more confident, better, from his words and actions of your self-esteem goes up - then you are on the right track. If he makes you feel stupid, useless, incapable and not knowing, mocking your interests, jokes - that bind life is not worth it. It is not you some not so, but it is.

He knows how to handle money

In financial terms, a man must be reliable. The question is not a small or a large salary, and in an effort to provide themselves and their families, to make savings, reasonable approach to spending. If at the stage of setting the relationship you see that man constantly gets involved in some kind of monetary gambles, overgrown credit and debt, releases money for entertainment, although it can not buy the necessary food and other things, then it is better breake down.

he is tolerant

Pay attention to how your man treats people of another nationality and religious affiliation, different sexual orientation, to animals. If there is aggression and cruelty to those who do not like him or less it, sooner or later, this aggression will turn on you and your children.

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