Recipe useful domestic chips from Jerusalem artichoke

If you are bored with the usual vegetables, try to diversify the diet rich in vitamin Jerusalem artichoke.

Jerusalem artichoke is also called Jerusalem artichoke, but it looks like more on potatoes and it has edible tubers. This vegetable is rich in B vitamins, which support a healthy heart and blood vessels, nervous system, digestive system, as it contains a lot of vitamin C. Also in Jerusalem artichoke is potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, antioxidants, a number of amino acids. It possesses choleretic effect and capable of removing the liver. Also artichoke prevents the formation of stones in the bladder and the deposition of salts in the joints, it cleans the body of toxins.

Jerusalem artichoke easily replace potatoes in almost all dishes. It is possible to cook from it, and chips. The way it is not quite a dietary meal, but definitely more useful than the store bought potato chips.

To prepare the home of chips, you will need 400 g of Jerusalem artichoke tubers and 400 ml of refined sunflower oil. Add salt and spices to taste.

1. Wash Jerusalem artichokes, peel.

2. Using a sharp knife or peelers artichoke cut as thin as possible circles.

3. In a small saucepan pour sunflower oil, bring to the boil. It is important that it was just refined.

4. In boiling oil Put the slices of artichoke. First they will sink to the bottom of the pot, because you need a good mix, so as not to stick together.

5. Fry chips need about 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally, as they are frying gradually emerge.

6. Control the chips from the oil by using the skimmers. To further relieve them of excess body fat, you can lay a plate with paper towels, which you'll be putting some chips.

7. Sprinkle chips with salt and seasonings. When they have cooled, they will become crispy.

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