If nedokachannyh Bus: 3 risk to motorists

Few think about what and how dangerous irregular pumping car tires. The consequences of such failure may be unpleasant both for the technical condition of the vehicle, and for the safety of the driver and passengers.

It is especially important to check the pressure in the tires at the moment preparation for the long autotravel.To do this you will need a pressure gauge and the ability to handle it.


Increased fuel consumption. If your car tire pressure is lowered - the fuel consumption will increase by several times. To optimize costs, and save on gasolinewatch the rubber as carefully as possible.

Erased tires.But if the air in excess - very quickly bald tread the middle. Accordingly, soon have to buy new tires.

Loss of control.The most terrible consequence of such a failure - the machine becomes difficult to manage. If the wheels are a bit deflated - at times difficult to turn the steering wheel, in particular, on the rather big speed. The trajectory of the vehicle becomes unpredictable. If air in excess - braking distance increases (since the contact area with the asphalt less). The vehicle will be easy to bring on the road.


Therefore, we recommend you to pump tires only on proven and tire service stations, as well as to keep in the car gauge (previously, learn how to use it - nothing fancy). This device will help you to accurately and completely at any time to monitor the pressure in your tires.

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