5 reasons to eat ginger every day, which you did not know

Ginger - a great helper for dieters and anyone who wants to maintain health in the season of colds. The more useful it use?

Ginger root is available in almost any supermarket all year round. It looks unassuming, with a slightly peculiar taste, but it is so useful, that the doctors recommend eating it every day. In moderation, of course. What benefits do you get if you eat ginger every day?

1. Ginger normalizes metabolism
If you stick to a diet or just trying to follow a healthy lifestyle and eat right, it is the root of the ginger will help you to adjust the metabolism. Ginger improves digestion and maximize the body's ability to absorb nutrients from foods. In addition, it will diversify your diet and give a new flavor notes of familiar dishes. Eat ginger in large quantities, however, is not necessary. First, even a small portion of it activates the metabolism. Secondly, the presence of gastritis, colitis or stomach ulcers ginger better than to exclude, as it increases the acidity and degrades the feeling and course of the disease. In this case, it is imperative to consult a doctor, in what quantities you are allowed to eat ginger, and whether it is admissible.

2. Ginger helps with stress

If you frequently suffer from stress, experiences, overwork, you will enjoy a cup of ginger tea.
The recipe is simple. The pan must boil 1 cup of water (250-300 ml), then add a small piece of ginger and to cook it for another 10 minutes. Thereafter, with ginger water can be poured into the cup, add an herbal tea made from chamomile, peppermint or lemon balm, lemon slice add. After about 7 minutes, when the drink has cooled slightly, in tea can also add honey.

3. Ginger helps to cope with a bout of migraine
If you suffer from headaches or that more than one of the worst of its manifestations - migraine, feel better, you can use the same relaxing ginger tea. If you occasionally have attacks of migraine, it is better to drink ginger tea every day to prevent them.

4. Ginger helps with nausea and motion sickness
Water with ginger, lemon and mint or just a piece of ginger in the mouth - the best remedy for nausea rolls for those who travel in public transport are difficult. In such cases it is better always carry a few slices of ginger. It also helps to alleviate the condition of pregnant women with toxemia.

5. Ginger helps to cope with the cold
Due to its anti-inflammatory properties of ginger helps both in normal SARS and angina and other diseases of the throat. To speed up the treatment it can be used as a part of tea, and as a rinse for the throat. Besides colds, ginger also helps with arthritis, muscle and periodical pain in women.

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