In Ukraine, a major change is coming about electric cars, new rules and laws

This summer, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine are significant changes in the legislation regarding the owners of electric cars.

What exactly is the reform will enter into force in spring 2020, which will affect EVs?

№1. Rules about parking. Soon, owners of cars with internal combustion engines will be fined if they poultice in place specifically designated for electric vehicles. The penalty will be in the amount of from 340 to 500 UAH.

№2. Also, the environmental drivers of cars will have new license plates green. This will allow drivers of electric drive strip public transport and mix into the ecozone in the US and EU countries.

In Ukraine, the new rules will come into force on electric cars /

№3. There will be special signs that will point out some places for parking and charging of electric vehicles.

The Cabinet of Ministers ordered the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Health and GosChS until 10 February 2020 to carry out the work and detail paint, regulate the work on changes in the state of technical standards.

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