Ukrainian drivers can forget about driving license: Statement of Deputies

Ukrainian drivers will soon be able to travel by car without a license.

This innovation regarding identity motorists It is still at the discussion of the deputies.
"MPs want to simplify the handling of the vehicle by removing the requirement for citizens Ukraine have a driver's license, registration document for the vehicle and insurance policy. Driver Identification of the police should be carried out on the basis of oral information from him, "- said Vladimir avtoyurist caravan.

Ukrainians are allowed to ride without a license /

In order to ride on the new rules, the driver will need to speak clearly and legibly all of your data: name, date of birth or the insurance contract number. Following the data provided by the police representative will verify the information in the appropriate database.

"If the driver does not do this - it expects a fine of 425 USD. And if the police will not be able to establish the identity (including due to unclear or unintelligible language) - the driver can hold up, hold personal searches, including the items and documents, temporarily retain it or to remove the vehicle from the driver's control them ", - added Loaves.

In this situation, even the appeal will not suspend the action of the police.

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