Japanese method of treatment of the water: the secret of longevity for the whole family

Water - the source of life, without it can not exist on Earth. The fact that it has miraculous properties and the ability to heal many diseases, said the ancient healers. Including the method of treatment of many ailments with water in his book "My water cure" described the German Catholic priest Sebastian Kneipp.

water treatment method to date has gained a lot of popularity among the Japanese. The fact that water can be a remedy for many ailments, and even the ability to cure some of them completely agree and the official Japanese medicine. According to them, every day is enough in the morning to drink a glass of water to get rid of headaches, indigestion, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, reproductive system disease, obesity, heart problems and respiratory diseases and many other problems health. Including we are talking about chronic forms of diseases. Japanese - recognized centenarians and their experience can be useful to us. So, what is the Japanese method of treatment of water.


1. In the morning on an empty stomach, before cleaning the teeth and wash, it is necessary to drink 4 cup clean warm or room temperature water.

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2. Then you can spend the morning hygiene, brush your teeth, but to refrain from eating and drinking for 45 minutes.

3. Then breakfast the usual way and did not eat or drink for 2 hours after breakfast.

If you drink at a time, four glasses of water is not really for you, start with a lower dose and gradually increase it until it could bring up to 800 milliliters.

Why should you drink water in the morning?


Throughout the night the body does not receive fluid and in connection with this blood has become more dense. This complicates the work of many organs and systems, especially thick blood pumping heavy heart that affects its operation, vascular condition and is fraught with increasing pressure.

If we instead drink water immediately after waking up lean on coffee and sandwiches, the blood becomes even thicker, because moisture is also needed to digest food. In this regard, we are experiencing a chronic shortage of water and problems with the digestive organs. Therefore, to ensure the normal digestive processes is necessary before a meal to drink water.

Why do I need to drink warm water?


It is not associated with the fear of catching cold. Just cold water slows the digestive process as fat in it thicken and do not dissolve. Hot water, in contrast, promotes the rapid lipolysis, since in liquefied state, they react with oxygen and rapidly absorbed by the body.

Why drink water with lemon is good?


1. Lemon contains vitamin C and potassium, which helps normalize blood pressure and stimulates the brain and nervous system.

2. This alkaline drink which combats acidification of the body, and as a result, the aging of its cells.

3. lemon juice in warm water stimulates the digestive organs.

4. It has a mild diuretic and promotes detoxification.

5. With vitamins skin, it does not dry and does not peel off, and looks more youthful and fresh.

If you drink in the morning four cups of water is not for you, and wait 45 minutes before breakfast, at you do not have time, make it a habit to drink after waking up a glass of warm water with lemon. This will help you to be more cheerful, fresher look, organize the work of all body systems and especially the adrenal glands, which are responsible for hormones and metabolism in the body. Be healthy!

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