As you go on a first date, that it did not last

The man asked you on a date, and you are going through, what to go? Take it easy and make the right choice, and we'll show you how.

On the first date I want to look to win a man's heart once and for all. How to choose clothes and accessories for an important meeting, so as not to spoil the impression of themselves and not to scare a man?


The main thing to remember - a rare man versed in the latest trends in fashion and accessories, do not worry if you do not have in your wardrobe Dress according to the latest requirements of fashion and handbags from the last show. Do not spend a lot of time and effort, as long as you feel comfortable and safe at the meeting - this will depend on your mood, and therefore the atmosphere at the meeting.

Do not try to impress her outfit, because he liked you, not what you are wearing. A fundamental change in your image may be unpleasant surprise him. Go to that in which you are comfortable. Let a first date a man sees you for who you are, do not try to seem better.


Suitable for restaurant seasoned outfit black dress or suit - always hit the bull's-eye. Cafes suitable outfit easier, and to walk the city at night need comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes.

Remember the rule - better modest than too much. This also applies to dress and make-up and perfume. Makeup is better to choose soothing colors, do not make eyes languid "Smokey Aes" and too bright lips. Most prefer the natural beauty and bright make-up and strong flavor exactly what annoys many men.

Be sure to ask the reasons for which we overtighten on other people's problems and woes.

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