5 surprising facts about the thirst we knew about it, but forgot

Everyone knows that the human body is 70% water, and its deficiency in the cells of the body leads to dehydration and unpleasant consequences for health. Thirst - a signal the body that it is not enough moisture, which occurs in the hypothalamus - a brain area in the interim.

Editorial Kolobok.ua I conducted an investigation on the subject and offers 5 interesting facts about lust.


1. Thirst can be a signal of the disease. What you need to do to quench your thirst? It would seem that the answer is simple: drink. But, oddly enough, it does not help in all cases. And this is the reason to suspect a person has certain diseases, especially of the nervous and endocrine systems. Therefore, if you are persecuted by thirst, be sure to consult a therapist.


2. Sweet drinks only add to thirst. Another reason for the endless thirst - the wrong drinks. Kvass, sweet soda, packaged juices contain in their composition a lot of sugar (about 5-7 hours. l. per cup) and from such drinks thirsty even stronger.

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3. Hot tea quenches thirst better and rescues from the heat. They drink from Asian countries in the heat? Remember the song about the famous tea house? Hot, in any case, not sweet tea - the best remedy for the heat. It promotes sweating and cooling of the body. While drinking this drink under the scorching sun dare not everyone.

But cold drinks in the summer, on the other hand, can cause harm. And it's not just the risk of occurrence of colds. The body needs to use a lot of energy to warm the ice-cold drink to body temperature.


4. Coffee does not lead to dehydration. Now often heard opinion that coffee has a diuretic effect and leads to dehydration of the body's cells.

That's what says about this professor at the University of Connecticut Lawrence Armstrong: "The diuretic effect of coffee at no more than water. And dehydration this drink can cause exactly. If called, in hospitals would be a lot of people who have suffered from the constant consumption of coffee. "


5. Drink plenty of clean water.Simple non-carbonated water - the best drink for a person and a way to quench your thirst. But do not drink plenty of fluids immediately after intense exercise, as this leads to an increased load on the heart. Be healthy!

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