How to make the interior of the apartment untidy 7 major design errors

If you do not have to hire a designer to draw your beautiful home, and decided to rely on your own taste, then, is likely to have made at least one of these mistakes.

Sometimes, even after a thorough cleaning and guidance apartment looks sloppy order. Like all of you, and you can spread out in places easy to find any thing, but the feeling does not leave chaos? Then check to see if you had to make one of the seven most common mistakes of interior decoration.

1. You ignored the habits of their households

The apartment is comfortable and cozy for your family in the event that it takes into account the nature of the interior, habits and lifestyle of each occupant. If you have a large collection of shoes, but it does not provide enough space for it - be prepared that the shoes will stand anywhere and naturally create a mess.

If the best rack for your home - a chair or exercise bike, it will continue as long as within their visibility does not appear worthy alternative - outdoor mini-hanger.

If anyone loves the mornings drinking coffee on the balcony in your family - you should arrange for this comfortable place, not to carry back and forth each day, chair and table.

2. Not all items in your home there is a specific place

When things do not have a clearly defined vantage point, which remembers the household, then the thing can keep moving throughout the apartment. And if these things will be a lot, then chaos is assured. This occurs most often with small things: sunglasses, keys, TV remote control, headphones and so on. All of them need to define a clear space in the storage system, so as not to waste time on a daily quest.

3. Too many things in your home are kept in open systems

First, open storage - is the inevitable dust accumulation, because it should be minimized. Second, if a lot of things stored "in the mind", they did not possible to keep a long time in the correct order. If you're a fan of open shelving and other "shelves", it must be remembered that such systems must be not much, their design must be carefully considered, and finally - to constantly maintain them purity.

4. You have decorated the walls with too much decor

Although it became unfashionable to hang carpets, the walls still haunt that they do not remain "naked". In the course are colorful wallpaper, hung over them clocks, paintings, flowers, crafts and other decor. As a result, easy to overdo it. Even when you try to copy the interior design of the magazine can get nonsense, because it does not consider the size of the apartment / room number and size windows, etc. For example, designers often adorn the walls of collages from photos, but in a small apartment so decor can create a continuous visual noise.

Unfortunately, the small size of most apartments do not allow the use of the popular design techniques and fills the house with interesting decor. And those people who still have borrowed ideas from bloggers or foreign designers, housing looks tasteless. This happens for one simple reason: the decorative elements that look beautiful in a large apartment, looked completely out of place in a tiny. For example, for the decoration of the wall in a large room often choose a collage of photos, as it looks spectacular. But in a tiny room the same collage creates visual noise and makes the room even smaller than it really is.

It is worth remembering that there is nothing wrong if one or two walls in a small room empty.

5. Visual noise from the mirrors

With self-design interior design is easy to get carried away by the mirrors. They are assumed to increase space. But if a large mirror or glass door cabinets reflect in front of an open shelving, bright patterns on the wallpaper, numerous furniture - it also creates significant visual noise. This interior risks be too sloppy and variegated.

6. Excess patterns, incorrect combination thereof

If you use multiple patterns - in advance to make sure they really are combined with each other. The patterns may be similar in color, but quite different in style, and it immediately creates a sense of excess and diversity zahlamennosti. You can, however, get in another difficult situation with patterns when they are many and they are all uniform. The right combination of colors and patterns in the interior - the case when it is better 100 times "google" - and only then make a decision.

7. Poorly formulated composition

Even if you carefully choose furniture color, table combined with a bedside table and a sofa with a chandelier, it is still the interior may seem sloppy. What is the reason? Firstly, it can be an overabundance of objects in the room, the fear of "empty space". Designers are advised to make the composition of the three objects - different in shape and size, but with a common message. For example, it is a book, a vase and a souvenir statuette.

Second, the objects may be a little contrary. And it will not be quite the same minimalism, which is considered fashionable. If your room is an open rack, but for the entire shelf - only a few books, the appointment of such furniture is not clear.

Third, the interior can be decorated too monotonous - that is, "look nothing to catch." As it turns out, if the room is a lot similar in color, type and size of things. Let them be stacked or placed neatly, but all together it just blends. If the whole room is decorated in one color - add some contrasting shades. If all the objects about the same size - that play on the contrast of sizes.

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