Little tummy during pregnancy: when to worry

Gestational age is large enough, but the stomach is almost not visible. And weight gain is small. Everything is okay with the baby? When should I worry?

Thus in general can be that the second halfpregnancyAnd the abdomen virtually invisible? It is necessary to consult with your doctor. Doctor will prescribe the necessary tests, ultrasound check wiggling toddler.

The reasons for the small stomach

Measurement is carried abdominal dimensions during every reception by a doctor not to miss any pathological processes (oligohydramnios, hydramnion, fetal growth retardation). His technique is quite simple. Measurements carried out on the couch, in the position of a woman lying on her back and legs straight.

Before examining the need to empty the bladder. Roughly elevation standing bottom of the uterus above the vagina, in centimeters, corresponds to the period of pregnancy in weeks. abdominal circumference of 20 weeks increased by 1 centimeter per week.

Little stomach during pregnancy: when to worry /

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As the child grows and develops when the stomach is too small

But the methods of external obstetric examination not allow accurate assessment of how to really growing and developing child. Since the results are influenced by many factors:

  • parity multiparous stomach appears earlier and grow faster)
  • physique and weight of women (in lean and low-growing belly noticeable)
  • the size and capacity of the pelvis (the stomach with a narrow pelvis noticeable from early terms)
  • the amount of water
  • fetal weight.

Therefore, if in any doubt about the received measurement data is still necessary to carry out an ultrasound. So it is possible to clarify the situation with the state of the fetus and its compliance with the size of gestational age in order to avoid complications.

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