3 of uncomfortable questions that should ask themselves every expectant mother

Women most often in the position of wondering: if I'll be a good mom? It helps to know a frank conversation with itself.

I'm waiting for this child?

If you are already engaged in buying things for babyTalking with him, see specialized programs... Yes, you are waiting for birth of a child.

Inside you settled trembling expectations joy? Another sure sign!

But, as practice shows, not all women are ready for motherhood psychologically. Your life will change dramatically, a daily routine, which seemed best, thing of the past, so that fear and even fear are also a natural reaction. Just think of what would happen.

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I know how I'm going to raise the baby?

From the very first days of my mother have to apply a model of motherhood in relation to the child. Think, and which model the mother-child relationship, you know? Optionally, ask for help from the Internet, remember above all the behavior of your mother, her friends, the brother of his wife, and so on... Start sift model that you consider wrong. The analysis can help you make sense of what you aspire to become a mother. And this should be done before birth, then time correction can not stay.

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What do I know about childbirth and the early days of baby's life?

Fear is caused by an unknown, perhaps you have not learned enough about childbirth, to stop being afraid?

Remember that the process of birth into the light affects the physical well-being the child. Decide how you will behave, read, what you should pay attention. Also, please be literary about the first year of life - from breastfeeding to vaccinations and that must be done. This give you confidence!

Questions for the mother / pixabay.com

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