As inexpensive to make repairs in the apartment: 5 Important Tips

Renovated apartment seems to be something very long and expensive. We'll have to save, save, deny yourself. We have collected tips that will tell on what can be saved during the repair without any loss of quality.

Make repairs - it is not cheap, because you need to consider so many things - it is necessary to determine the palette of the walls, then choose the floor, and I would also like beautiful ceilings and light fixtures. A plumber, electrician - is generally one rasskhody. How to make inexpensive repairs in the apartment? Easy!
Learn nesolko chips, which will help you save considerably.

1. No wallpaper, yes - decorative plaster!

On the decorative plaster can be painted, mazyukat and scratching. All of it can be washed and pull out without compromising the appearance that can not be said about the wallpaper.
And durable plaster. Some types of plaster can last up to 60 years, and the most reliable wallpaper will hold a maximum of 20 years.
Plastering - not a cheap pleasure, but among this material can be found and inexpensive, such as textured plaster.

As inexpensive to make repairs in the apartment /

2. Only ceilings

Stretch ceilings can be installed in just a few hours, minimum preparatory work, and after installation is almost no dust. If you are going to paint the ceiling, do not forget that they need to be cleaned, primed and plaster.

3. What gender is better?

Laminate flooring has a wear resistance and ease of styling. Service life - up to 20 years. There is one "but" - laminate afraid of water. He is the best in price and has downsides bright. Wipe clean with a damp cloth it is necessary and it will be grateful to you for many years.

4. No wardrobe, only wardrobe

Built outlived her, they were uncomfortable and big, so it became fashionable to do dressing rooms. The smallest dressing room - 1.2-1.5 sq.m. Dressing room can make the corner - this option is very roomy. In DIY stores sell inexpensive wardrobe - on the one hand to hang women's clothes, and on the other - men. Beauty is!

As inexpensive to make repairs in the apartment /

5. Forget about chandeliers

Large chandeliers on the floor of the room will remain a classic. And the prices are rather big. Therefore spotlights - the best option, because they can be installed and mounted only on the ceilings.

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