5 Interior errors that are found in every apartment

If you want to make your apartment look stylish ever so do not do.

Most of the interiors of our countrymen alike. Once all the available furniture in principle has been almost the same, then there was the fashion for renovation, arches, walls for living - and all the updated apartments again began to look like. Although now the furniture and decoration market is so diverse that it is possible to create an interior in any style completely, many make mistakes that hinder their home look stylish.

To freshen the interior and make it more modern, comfortable and attractive enough to correct a few mistakes.

obsolete textiles

Towels with stains that do not wash out, and holes, bedding lurid colors, which is also sometimes torn, frayed upholstery sofa, which tore the cat - all this hinders your home look neat. All the "inconsistency" of towels and bed linen should be replaced monophonic sets of pleasant shades and for the bed to buy a one-color cover, which will close it for the day.

Furniture with torn, worn and outdated upholstery you need to replace or change the upholstery on it. Particular attention should be paid to the curtains and tulle. Not to create visual noise, they need to be monochromatic. The fabric on the windows really makes the room more comfortable, but offer to wonder if you really need curtains or enough light tulle? Without heavy curtains you do not only get rid of excess dust collector, but also refresh the atmosphere in their home, visually it will be more space, the space will look better.

Flowers on the windowsill

Sure you're thinking, "What so and so?" Yes, all of them to pose, but the plants on the windowsill not the case. Near the window in pot plants is a good chance to get under the direct rays of the sun, or suffer from cold and drafts. In addition, it is unfortunate interior solution.

How to make a stylish? Buy pots in the same style, so that they blend with the other furniture in the room. Distribute flowers on tables, dresser, coffee table, special shelves, hung on the wall or the ceiling. If you have a lot of plants and their forced by a significant place, it is better to analyze whether you need so many of them did - and it is time to free up some space.

Often houseplants almost always stand on the balconies - and there are not creating some special interior, but simply "crowd." So they do not help clean the air, do not create the mood, but simply are "in exile" and sometimes receive a portion of the water and fertilizer. Not "collect" plants for no reason or because your parents did so. Leave the ones that you really like, and quantity, to keep up to take care of them and wiped the dust from them.

Crystal Chandelier

Classic chandelier with bulbs in the "candlesticks" with her need long and boring dust, and children's games periodically deprive her of a "lens". Who this was not? And maybe it still you have?

Once such a chandelier gave the impression of a rich interior, but now looks like a relic of the past, even if bought recently. Yes, these chandeliers are still being sold, are expensive and are needed for those who want to make "on-the rich", but with the style and convenience of a piece of furniture has nothing to do.

What can replace a chandelier? You can refuse to general lighting and divide it into zones. Leave instead of chandeliers with 6 lights, for example, a minimalist fixture 1-2 lamps and sconces to add one to it or style floor lamp for reading.

Excess beige

If the first "post-Soviet" repairs brought to the apartments silk wallpaper with bright colors and classic furniture, the second - a total beige. Some time ago to do Interior "neutral", it was fashionable, and so did just about anything. As a result, home with beige walls, beige floors and beige furniture looks dull.

How to fix it? Global - Change the color of the walls, the furniture, bring contrast and new shades. If the repair, you are not ready yet, the color accents can be arranged with the help of decor. Suffice it to 1-2 to select additional color to beige - if the shade is too much, you get a visual noise. For example, well complement beige interior olive and pale pink, aqua and brown, orange or yellow.

The most classic combination will create soft shades of green and brown. These shades can be bought picture frames, curtains, bedspread on the bed, reading lamps, pots for flowers, decorative pillows and other home furnishings.

visual noise

It may create a wrong selected patterns in the interior (with a geometric floral, stripes with circles, etc.), not combined style furniture, an overabundance of decorations (paintings, rugs, picture frames, vases, souvenirs - all in one room). Also visual noise creating any items that do not have their place or they do not perform any function.

If you have a wall of books that no one will ever read - let's think about whether you need it. Or a coffee table, on which all the household only stumble, but he had never enjoyed. Or shelves, on which there is always what to put, but generally you do not need. Analyze the space around them: what you really use, and that there is "dead weight". Even things out a massive furniture "wall" can often fit in a compact cabinet, if you get rid of unnecessary and long forgotten, that lie there for years.

Aerobatics getting rid of visual noise - the organization of stylish storage. That is not easy to place items on the shelves, but also to use them for storage boxes / cans / baskets in the same style and color. For example, in the kitchen create a strong visual noise products in the package. After all, it is framed in such a way to get your attention in the store. And if such packages in the kitchen a lot - it is all "replete with" brands.

Put what is possible in banks and storage containers, for example, tea, coffee, spices, cereals, pasta, salt, sugar. Select for their storage capacity monochrome stylish in the same style - and your kitchen is instantly transformed, and the extra space will appear on the shelves.

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