Do not slouch or how to choose a corrector for posture

One of the most important appointments corset products - posture correction and prevention of scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, and combinations thereof. Unfortunately, the constant sedentary work, a minimum of movement, the wrong office chairs are often lead to different pathologies, therefore the slightest curvature suspected even in the initial stage, it is necessary use Posture Corrector.

View corrector depending on the application sites:

- Proof-recliner, consisting of two loops, intersecting in the cavity between the shoulder blades. Loop of elastic fabric dress on the shoulders and the length is adjustable so that the shoulders were pulled back and the back is straight. This is the easiest concealer that can be used at the first visual signs of stoop. It can be worn in the classroom at a desk, for example, for schoolchildren. Recliner of this type is used to a greater degree for correction, and for generating a correct posture and habit of walking and sitting without stooping;

- Proof curvature in the thoracic spine - scoliosis, low back pain with severe pain. This allows you to keep the corset in the right position back and neck;

- thoracolumbar concealer that completely covers the thoracic, lumbar and sacral part. Effective with osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, as well as in recovery from injury and illness.

Correctors can be divided into three groups according to the degree of rigidity and, therefore, on the strength of fixation:

• Padded belt, which only supports the muscles in their weakness, as well as in certain diseases;

• a semi-rigid retainer that is provided with additional elastic springy ribs and locking fasteners;

• rigid corsets, reinforced edges of metal or hard plastic. This ensures a stable fixation of the corset. Worn only by prescription, it is usually used after complicated injuries and operations.

In order to achieve maximum efficiency in the use of the corset, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules of wearing:

- corset for posture correction worn for 3-4 months, usually this time is enough to generate a correct posture. If the doctor has not appointed a special mode, the corrector begin to wear for 2 hours a day, gradually adding 1 hour per day each week until the 6 hours per day. At night and during the day of rest is removed the corset;

- When the desired effect is achieved, then, reducing the time to 1 hour a week of its fastening corset worn for 1 hour a day. If the effect is not achieved, then the doctor can extend the wear life of 3-4 hours a day for 45-60 days.

Any of the creaturesuyuschih posture correctors, you can choose online medmag, Which shows the flexible products from different manufacturers. Before using it is necessary to visit a doctor who will tell you what kind of corset is needed in each case.