St. Nicholas Day 2018: what can and can not do on a holiday, signs

December 19, 2018 Orthodox Christians revere St. Nicholas, or as popularly called, Nicholas Winter. St. Nicholas Day - a holiday that love both adults and children, you can do that day, and that is strictly prohibited.

Nicholas - one of the most revered saints in the Orthodox Church, he was praying for the health and healing, the welfare, of getting rid of all problems and difficulties and on the execution of the innermost desires. It is believed that this is a holy day is able to hear any request and help, because his Wonderworker it began to call it then, that prayer to him, had a miraculous power.


Unfortunately, it is not known, looked like a saint, but traditionally, Nicholas is depicted as a gray-bearded grandfather in a headdress of bishops and usually with gifts in his hands. In Ukraine, for centuries it was Saint Nicholas gave gifts to children, and Santa Claus came much later.

Birth of a legend. The tradition of putting gifts under the pillow was born a long time ago. St. Nicholas lived next door to a poor widower whose daughter was in love with a rich boy, but his parents did not want to marry the son of a poor bride without a dowry, learning of this, St. Nicholas, night threw her bundle box with gold coins. So St. Nicholas helped to connect the hearts of lovers, this event began to say that the girl helped the angel and he first felt happy and began to help the children and the disadvantaged, bring warm clothes, food, toys and sweets, but he did it always at night so no one I learned.

What not to do on the Day of St. Nicholas

  • In this day denied any physical work and heavy work around the house.
  • The holiday can not eat meat, eggs and other animal products, but there are plenty of meatless recipes that you can prepare for the festive table.
  • The church holidays and St. Nicholas Day is no exception, it is not accepted to lend money, otherwise you can give all the luck and prosperity.

What you need to do on a holiday

  • It is necessary to go to church for the service, and to pray for the health of their loved ones, especially children.
  • Pray to Saint Nicholas and make a wish, if it is sincere and comes from the heart, St. Nicholas sure to hear your request and help you.
  • To Nicholas watched over the baby from any troubles and tribulations, you need to put your child under your pillow gift from Nicholas. But the gifts you can give not only children, but also all know that you want the health and well-being.
  • In Ukraine, the festival is celebrated quite magnificently, served a table of authorized post products and organize gatherings.
  • It is necessary bake honey cakes and biscuits - Nikolaichikand given to the children.
  • On this day, you need to help the poor and disadvantaged, thus passing the old grandmother, asking for alms, do not pass by and help. A man who lives on the street, buy a hot tea and fresh bread.
  • To the Day of St. Nicholas should have time to distribute the debt, otherwise the next year will bedovat.

Also be sure to ask about what to give to children on St. Nicholas - gift ideas with their own hands