3 ways to clean the blockage in the sink and the sink bath

Do not forget to keep an eye on prevention and plums.


The stores sell inexpensive useful tool in the form of flexible plastic strands. If the drains tangled hair, dip the tool into the drain and repeatedly scroll. This excellent snake will clean the sink and pull out all of the hair.


Plunger will work more efficiently if you close the upper opening of the drain with a wet cloth. Then should fill the sink with hot water so that it covered the lower part of the valve. Make several plunger movement and all - clean your drain!

3 a method to clean a clogged sink drain and the bath / istockphoto.com

Soda and Vinegar

Pour half a glass in the sink sodaAnd then pour a glass vinegar. Immediately after the pour, close the hole and wait a few minutes until the end of the reaction. Then pour boiling water down the drain.


  • Use a shower gel, instead of toilet soap, soap produce more plaque from it, which is very settles on the pipes.
  • We recommend the use of baking soda and vinegar often.
  • Buy a trap for the hair.

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