How quickly peel the garlic

Garlic - a great vegetable that prevents the development of infections. Especially in winter.

but clean it is sometimes much harder than consume. Today we tell you how to quickly peel the garlic.

Using a knife,

This method is used by many professional chefs. Its essence lies in the fact that garlic clove is necessary to put on a cutting board, and then press on it with a knife with a wide blade. After that peel easily separated.


If you put the cloves in a metal bowl, and cover with another smaller and strongly strongly shake, you can clear the peeled garlic in large quantities for 10-20 seconds. You just need to choose the cloves from the husk and cut the tips.

Cold water

This method is suitable as time to clean the lack of dry garlic. Head should be divided into cloves and drop them in a cup of cold water for 10-20 minutes. Disadvantage of this method can be called that, for removing the thin Ploen with cloves usually still have to use a knife.


To easily peel waste, garlic can also be send for 15-20 seconds in the microwave.


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