How to clean the egg from the shell, so they do not crumble

To the shell was cleaned without problems, we must be able to cook eggs properly.

Lower egg in boiling water

Let us guess - you pour raw eggs with cold water and put them on the fire? But if you want to eggs cleaned easily, put them in already boiling water, and when the water begins to boil again, reduce heat and cook the egg for about 10 minutes.

What are the bad eggs are cleaned?

Yes, it's fresh eggs. As a result, the storage pores of the shell are increased due to loss of moisture, the shell becomes less dense and easier to clean egg. Therefore, the best option would be eggs that were stored for 1-2 weeks.

Cool boiled egg

Before cleaning egg, Refrigerate it. Soak it in cold water to 15 minutes, and then clean it.

How to clean the egg from the shell, so they do not crumble /

Nadbeyte egg

Before pouring cold water, chop the eggs, so that the water came under the shell. Then the egg is easier to clean.

Begin brushing egg with the blunt end

Here, try to clean the egg with the blunt end of an air pocket will allow you to pick up the shell without damaging the protein.

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