How to color hair and skin affects the fate and character: red

Holders of red hair - is unique, because of which there are only 2% of the entire planet. What are the features of this hides the fiery hair color and what you need to know about these people?

The origin of the red-haired people still remains a mystery to scientists, there is even a theory with aliens. One theory explains the origin of red as the descendants of the Neanderthals, but it's bad luck that the gene responsible for red hair, much older than Homo sapiens gene.

  • Red-haired people are more often left-hander. Left-handedness, as and red hair - a recessive trait, but scientists attribute this to the fact that recessive traits appear in pairs, so the red-haired lefty - are not uncommon.
  • Holders of red hair are very sensitive to pain, so during medical procedures they may need a larger dose of anesthesia, for example, than blonds ordark hair.
  • Do redheads eyes usually hazel or greenRather than blue, as many are accustomed to thinking. Blue eyes, like red hair are recessive gene, so to get such a combination, both parents must be carriers of these genes.
  • Most redheads live in Ireland and Scotland.
  • Red hair is much thicker than the othersFor example, if you count all the hairs, then the red there will be approximately ninety thousand, and blondesall one hundred and forty.
  • Bruises on the skin, "sun" people appear much faster, than at blondes and brunettes.
  • Red hair is by nature contain an incredibly high amount of pigments, so repaint the hair in any other color is very difficult.
  • Red-haired people go gray is not all:First their hair is light, and only then begin to turn gray.
  • It's believed that red-haired woman - the most passionate and "hot" mistress, but that's what comes to loyalty and devotion to one partner, then they are not explicitly included in the top three.
  • Holders of red hair can not stand big crowds and noise,they prefer solitude and silence, this is where they feel at ease.
  • Redhead attributed to contact with the dark forces. "The red-haired beasts" are often accused of witchcraft and even vampirism. For example, in the 16-17 centuries, many were burned because of his hair color.
  • According to scientists, the gene responsible for red hair color, may disappear a half century.

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