How to quickly restore energy after a bad day

Sometimes in the morning everything is going wrong and if you do not stop the chain reaction time, the negative energy can ruin your whole day. What are ways to help cope with the consequences of a bad day?

Most importantly, never dwell on failures, remember that this is just one day out of life, and tomorrow you will have the opportunity to start with a clean slate. But there isa few ways to help you cope with adversityafter a bad day and sleep in a good mood.


Take their emotions.Sometimes people are powerless over the situation, but the emotions they are experiencing, continue to move forward, and then the perfect solution is simply to understand and accept the situation. Take a deep breath and understand their emotions, and then take them and gradually you will feel a sense of freedom inspiring tunes. Adopted by the emotions you will take them under control and not give spoil your life.

Protect yourself.Sometimes a person may be so vulnerable to alien negative energy that absorbs it like a sponge. Design for the defense from the negative, for example, imagine that you are surrounded by white light, through which can not get the negative energy and repeat: "White Light protects and protects me, and enter only light can me and love".

Be clean.There is a kind of ritual that will help you clean up your energy. Imagine that your hands - a broom, which you Sour cream off all the negative energy. When you have finished cleansing the space around itself three times clap your hands and bad energy away.


Redirect the energy. If you can not escape from the consequences of a bad day, and negative emotions, you risk permanently stuck in the cycle of negative energy. Switch and redirect their energy in a different direction to help evening training session, a long walk on fresh air or breathing exercises that help to cope with their emotions and tune in positive. Repeat as a mantra: "My day goes smoothly, I feel a peace and ease. Everything is as it should be. "

Restore your life.After a bad day, enjoy a return home that love to restore life. Soak in a fragrant bath, order food to your home, look to the children or funny cartoon cook amazing chocolate cake. In general, do something that will make you forget about the bad day and help cope with fatigue and bad mood.

Also be sure to ask about that is, that there was no depression and bad moods

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