Water recreation satisfied brain reboot: surprising findings of scientists

Congratulations, you now have a perfect excuse to go to water more often. It turns out, research scientists from the UK psychologists prove: a trip to the coast completely changes the human brain. Water has almost the same effect as hypnosis.

It does not matter - you are at the seaside, at the lake or near a small stream. By the force of the impact they are the same. Scientists believe that this action does not end the blue depths.


Reduces the risk of depression

Of course, even the golden sands of the Maldives is not any consolation in the acute phase of depression. But to reduce the risk of illness water element can.

Increases creativity

Not only Aivazovsky was inspired by water. Scientists say that all people of creative professions does not prevent travel often to the waves.

relieves stress

Swimming is excellent relieves stress. Due to the physical stress of muscles, our body emits hormones of happiness - endorphins. Sound waves include the parasympathetic nervous system and acts on it as

meditation. Plus water removes negative energy. We think you have noticed that the shower in the shower to get easier.

Scientists propose using water as therapy. And we can not agree with them.

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