Test: do you have money energy?

Does finance sing romances? Do not know why money goes away like sand through your fingers? Take a short test of your monetary energy level and find out the reason. Choose a wallet that you liked and read the answers

1. You are constantly concerned about money. All conversations and thoughts are only about them. Recalculations, tables, notes, online applications for accounting and balance - all this, on the contrary, stalls your cash flows. This energy does not like negative emotions and hype, therefore worries are taken away from you, and with them money. Stop fussing, exhale, and you will be done.

2. You clearly plan your finances, and think over expenses down to the details. You respect money and understand its value. With this right attitude, the level of monetary energy will rise. Get ready for unprecedented changes in your life.

3. Most likely, you do not enjoy the amounts in your wallet, but what you get with them. It is possible that you do not respect financial planning at all, and make purchases spontaneously. In such a situation, monetary

energy it is difficult to keep afloat, and even goes down. Work with it.

4. Congratulations, you have a high level of cash energy. Most likely, you are grateful for the finances you earned, appreciate them, and never worry about losses. Your principle - money will come - works. You often share profits, do not be greedy, donate to charity. And this cannot but multiply your accumulation.

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