How to talk with your child about sex: Tips psychologist

Very soon on the New Channel will premiere the youth thriller "The first swallow."

The creators of the series raised serious issues of teen depression, addiction to teenagers suicide, Use of prohibited substances. The series also revealed the theme of teenage sex, and homosexual. Few dared to shoot this movie in Ukrainian before.

To learn how to talk to teens about sex said psychologist, sexologist Natalia Yezhov.

- With young people need to talk on equal terms, in their own language, - Natalia says. - Show and develop this theme with the help of YouTube videos, articles and films. The most common mistakes: talk like a tyrant, as a leader, as a person knowing. The second - to punish the child for what he is trying to learn the subject by viewing the same video.

What teens need to know about sex?

- The first thing you need to know - this is a safety measure - says the psychologist. - For some reason, everyone thinks that when it comes to sex, all just run them to do. It's like a story to tell about the rules of behavior of pedestrians and drivers on the road. Likewise, safety rules in sex. One must know them before you have sexual contact. And the kinds of contraception, and how to use those or other contraceptives. It is important to know the physiology, hygiene. Worry about health checked every six months by a doctor. It is important to say to the child the psychological aspect of readiness for sexual activity. Teenagers often have sexual life, because we have to, because all classmates are already engaged in this, because someone has sex, the coolest. To discuss the internal readiness for sexual activity. After all, when there is such readiness, the first sexual intercourse will be fine.

The premiere of the series' first swallows "- November 19 at 22:00 at the New Channel.