5 causes of nightmares

Each of us has faced nightmares, closing his eyes at night.

Often these dreams point to our emotional state. However, this is not the only reason why our dream becomes a nightmare. We have collected the main irritants that cause restless night.

New place

The first night in a new place is usually restless, because the person feels some discomfort. This condition is reflected in the subconscious and the person often sees disturbing dreams and wakes up in the middle of the night.

late dinner

A full stomach can cause heartburn, which disrupt healthy sleep. In addition, at this time the body is busy digesting food, which is also reflected in dreams.

Sleeping on your back

When a person sleeps on his back, it is a kind of breathing disorder that affects the quality of sleep. Often it affects the change of sleep phases, because of what the subconscious can engage terrible pictures that will appear in a dream.


If before going to bed do you think about problems or fears that such thoughts will be reflected in the subconscious. Constant tension is sure to worsen the quality of sleep and causes nightmares.

stormy evening

Alcohol is a major cause of nightmares. In terms of psychophysiology and somnology, spirits negatively affect the process of changing the phases of sleep, which is why the dream becomes severe and often - frightening.


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