Dr. Komarovsky said, why not shout at children

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At this time, a well-known physician explained why parents do not need to shout children.


Psychologists have proved that the child, who raise their voices, as early as 4-5 years has elevated aggressiveness.

For example, begins to contradict their parents, forcing them to shout even more, and fights at school with their peers.


As a result of the constant crying of the child form complexes. He begins to avoid responsibility and not to believe in themselves, because, in the opinion of the child, even when he tries, parents still cry and dissatisfied with them.

Dr. Komarovsky said, why not shout at children / istockphoto.com


Creek parent is able to provoke fear in the child.

It becomes difficult to meet new people and get involved in the community, and to decide in its favor conflict situations he can not, because the cry of others is a kind of trigger for him.

As you can see, cry - really not an option. Parents can be difficult to resist, this is true when the child begins to be completely unmanageable.

But for the sake of its future, you should educate yourself in these habits:

  • express reasoned claims,
  • If emotions are too strong, wait a conversation
  • I apologize for those situations where the cause of discontent was not a child, but he also got away from you,
  • Do not tell offensive words.

The child must understand that their parents love him, but rather mistakes that all must be able to recognize.

Dr. Komarovsky said, why not shout at children / istockphoto.com

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