What does the child's favorite color

Psychologists believe that the choice of color displays personality traits.

So, what can be said about your color preferences baby?


If the baby turns his gaze on all blue and blue hues - his present adult world. Blue - the color, which is often "klishiruyut" boyish. Therefore, the child can choose his habit. Love to blue shades displays a calm, balanced character. Typically, these children rarely capricious, like a dive and are addicted to games of strategy.


The kid who chooses yellow, is set to win big in life. The color of a child choose the real leaders. An yellow has imaginative. Often these children are exposed to immersion in personal fantasies. They are obedient, but very dreamy.


Lovers of red is very impulsive. Preference is this color indicates unbridled temper, leadership, desire for popularity and praise. These children are very energetic, mobile, purposeful.


Here one of the main roles is played by color. If a child prefers a light green tint, this suggests calmness and optimism. Such children are endowed with profound intelligence, they have developed imagination and analytical mind. But if a child prefers a dark green color, with caution: it is often closed like children who feel misunderstood in their environment. Dark green usually like guys who feel inadequate care and protection of parents. They are afraid of change, dominating self.

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